In middle age and out of condition and carrying slightly more weight than was good for me I rejoined the local gym. Having been in gyms on and off for the past twenty years I had a good idea of what to do, and wasn’t really interested in the services of a personal trainer. Mistake number one. I was quite happy getting on with things on my own. But I was offered a trial session and thought why not. This amiable guy walked over and off we went through a few simple exercises. Bit of a breeze I thought after all I was used to gym work. Mistake number two.


Aaron is a knowledgeable and very approachable trainer, he provides lots of encouragement without being over bearing. He listens to my requirements and amends the training plan accordingly. When i started training with Aaron in December 2012 I weight 15 stone 7lbs. I’m 5ft 6, and was a size 22. Through following his training plan and eating plan by the following September (2013) I weight 9 stone 11 lbs, and was a healthy size 10. I have kept the weight off for 6 months now and have grown to really enjoy the sessions.

I highly value Aaron’s training, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Aaron to other people.


”I joined my local gym to loose weight and get fit, unfortunately neither happened until I started training with Aaron. When I asked Aaron for help I was over 11 stone and in a size 16 clothes. I was very unfit and had been suffering from back aches and pains in my hips for a while after a car accident. I have been training with Aaron now for about 18 months and have seen major changes, I am now a size 8 and my fitness levels have improved significantly. I no longer suffer from previous medical complaints, however I do ache after a training session!!!


”About 2 years ago I saw a photo of myself and was horrified by what I saw, time for positive action. Determined to shape up and lose weight I joined a local gym. I had never used any of the equipment in a gym so found it daunting and decided to have a couple of one to one training sessions with Aaron. Having listened to what I said that I couldn’t do (Aaron must have thought this was a challenge) proceeded to tell me what I was going to do..

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