In middle age and out of condition and carrying slightly more weight than was good for me I rejoined the local gym. Having been in gyms on and off for the past twenty years I had a good idea of what to do, and wasn’t really interested in the services of a personal trainer. Mistake number one. I was quite happy getting on with things on my own. But I was offered a trial session and thought why not. This amiable guy walked over and off we went through a few simple exercises. Bit of a breeze I thought after all I was used to gym work. Mistake number two. It was a bit of a grueller, but in a surprisingly gratifying way. It turns out that this amiable guy, or Aaron as it turns out, is a stickler for doing exercises in perfect form and my ears were burning from, “ don’t let your knee fall in” , “keep your back straight” and so on. But,….. maybe I thought perhaps there is something in this personal trainer thing after all and signed up for a few more sessions. Since then I haven’t looked back, and am fitter and leaner than I’ve been for years. And here’s why a trainer is such a good idea. It’s so easy to talk yourself out of exercise; too tired, too busy….I’ll do it tomorrow. Well hard luck; the appointment is made and train you will, and you always feel better after it. A trainer will get the most out of you if he/she is any good. You will go beyond what you think you are capable of. And this overflows into other areas of life. If you can push yourself to train, you can push yourself in other difficult areas of your life. I have left the gym but still train with Aaron and here’s why. Aaron has a wealth of experience in all areas of fitness training; from boxing to kick boxing, pad work, kettle bells, weights, circuits, intervals, bodyweight training, resistance band training, medicine ball training, and can therefore tailor a workout for everyone; young, old, fat, thin experienced athletes or total beginners. Whatever your goal is; fitness, weight loss or both (they should go together anyway) Aaron is your man.

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