Aaron Campbell

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Aaron is one of our very best trainers, we are constantly receiving great feedback from his clients! ”From a very young age, I was thrown into the kick boxing scene. I competed in the ‘Best of the Best’ competition in Ireland after 8 years of intense training. Throughout those 8 years, I maintained a very strict sense of ethics, discipline, commitment, dedication and patience. All of those traits I can pass on to you during our time together. I have learned to push myself to and beyond my limitations, not only when it comes to fitness, but also in everything I do in other areas of my life.

I now specialise in body transformations and I take a keen interest in fitness for stress relief using certain techniques including but not limited to boxing, core strength and kettle bell training. Whether you are looking to cut down body fat and increase definition, or just as a way to relieve stress and have a bit more energy in your day to day routines; I will create a custom workout for you, I will inform you of a healthy nutritional diet which will help you achieve the highest possible result in the shortest time.”

My qualifications include :

Personal Trainer
Advanced Fitness Instructor
Weight Management and Nutrition
Boxing Instructor and Kickboxing Instructor
Health Screening & Fitness Assessment
Core Strength and Stability

If you wish to contact Aaron directly, please do so on [email protected]

Or call Cheshire-Fitness on 07512343353 and arrange a session today!