”I joined my local gym to loose weight and get fit, unfortunately neither happened until I started training with Aaron. When I asked Aaron for help I was over 11 stone and in a size 16 clothes. I was very unfit and had been suffering from back aches and pains in my hips for a while after a car accident. I have been training with Aaron now for about 18 months and have seen major changes, I am now a size 8 and my fitness levels have improved significantly. I no longer suffer from previous medical complaints, however I do ache after a training session!!! Aaron is a very motivational trainer, who encourages me to push myself during training (I do argue with him on occasions!) to achieve my goals, training is hard but the sense of achievement when you see the results is worthwhile. Aaron keeps the training sessions varied so there’s no time to become complacent and works on various elements such as cardio and core stability. It is not only physically I have seen great changes but also mentally. I am also more confident in myself now. I would highly recommend Aaron to anyone who wants (a) to get fitter (b) to loose weight (c) to be more confident and (d) has joined a gym convincing themselves they can do it alone, no need for a trainer…and got absolutely no where! There will be times when you’ll want to cry and hit him but just ask for a boxing session for the following appointment and get your own back!!!”

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